Master 3D Modeler
Nestor Peregrina

Nestor has his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Far Eastern University graduating in 2001. Since graduation he has worked for several private companies and for the Philippine government as an architectural designer draftsman. He has worked for a time for a telecom company as an expert AutoCAD operator.

Through this experience he has gotten to work directly on client projects designing houses from first concept through full working plans for construction permit applications and has supervised such projects from excavation to finishing.

Nester has attracted the attention of several building professionals in the Philippines who have employed him to do their working plans and 3d visualization models. He has found that he enjoys most the work of photo quality 3d modeling. 

He has mastered his skills in construction visualization modeling and has built a reputation in the field and through such has become a sought out professional for his visualization skills.

In 2012 he became a full time freelancer and joined Odesk now Upwork. Through this platform he has served many international clients both individuals and corporations and though majors on residential design work Nester has significant experience in commercial design as well. Not only has he done design for new construction but also renovation and remodeling projects providing modern 3d visualization.

I discovered Nestor’s work on Upwork and asked him to do a couple of models for me. I was so impressed with his work that I offered him a partnership in our design company. He was eager for the opportunity, primarily because of his deep commitment to low environmental impact design and construction and sustainable energy systems. He provides our 3d exterior visualization models as well as interior renderings.

He also contributes his own designs on our site. As a designer he leans toward modern architectural design through integrating contrasting elements and textures using natural materials like wood and stone and modern windows, doors and balustrades. Although Nestor is a contemporary in architectural design he is also a fan of designs that have a timeless element. He has broad experience is all kinds of classical architecture from Spanish Colonial to Greek Renaissance. Though he has his own architectural style preferences he conscientiously works to adapt to his clients’ preferences to give them life with his realistic 3d models so their own design dreams can be actualized.

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