Plan Modifications

Having worked with clients on custom home design service/build remodels and in design/construction of new houses over the 35+years I understand quite well the need for plan modifications. I also know that not any one plan will fit or work on every land lot.

These are just a few examples of a need for modifications; besides the special unique features and requirements you may have to make our house plans your home.

We encourage you to personalize your Eco Sustainable Home Design Plan.  Customizing a pre-drawn house plan provides tremendous costs savings when compared to creating a custom house plan from scratch with an architect. Customize any house plan to meet your unique requirements, while maintaining the integrity of the original design.*

In an effort to make this process quicker and easier, we offer PDF Plan Sets.  Please note that PDF Plan Sets come with a one-time construction license and are not returnable.

We offer a floor plan in a document form which can be downloaded and printed up to a legal size page where you can type in your description of changes you would like to make or you can draw and make notes on the sheet then scan and send it to us. If your changes are not practical or doable and maintain the integrity of a particular plan we will let you know and probably suggest another plan in our portfolio that we believe will work better. Additionally, our Custom Home Design Service is tailored to bring your unique vision to life.

Since our company designs specifically for sustainability by creating houses to be low maintenance, highly energy efficient, and designed to meet the needs of many generations; we recommend certain kinds of HVAC systems that utilize sustainable renewable energy, alongside our expertise in Custom home design service. We realize that you or your builder may need consultation to understand and implement the designs as intended. For this reason, we provide consultation for a flat hourly rate. The final HVAC plan must be designed and implemented by your local mechanical engineer.

The master designer for Eco Sustainable Home Designs is an expert in solid construction systems particularly in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) and Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction. There are two houses plans in the Single Story Plans Portfolio that were designed for AAC construction: The Lauren House and The Lindley House. Those plans can also be built in conventional frame form with minor alterations.

On the other hand, most of our plans can be built with solid construction as well, with alterations and detailed specifications. This is a time-tested and extremely durable and reliable construction method used widely in Europe and Asia over the last 100+ years and superior in every way to US conventional framed construction. If this is something in which you are interested, then we would be pleased to consult with you or your builder regarding our custom home design service.

So pick a floor plan that best suits your personal preferences and download a worksheet for you to describe the modifications you would like us to make.

Before you pick and purchase a plan, be sure to first note the total footprint (TFP) to make sure this house will fit on your lot. This is very important! Every municipality has set back requirements and driveway and walk way requirements. Our posted total footprint (TFP) does not include the setbacks or driveway and turn around area or walkways. They specify the total length and width of the house including covered porches. Additionally, considering house floor plans blueprints during this evaluation phase can offer valuable insights into optimizing the layout for your needs.

You might want to download more than one worksheet and make your notes upon them. However before we can give you a quote for modifications you will need to choose a plan and purchase that plan. We encourage you to communicate with us and give us your questions so we can make sure you have chosen an appropriate plan for your desired modifications. We will review your modification request and get back to you as soon as possible with a quote to make such changes. After you get a quote then you will review the quote and proposed changes and approve the change order by paying a down payment of 70% of the quote price. We will do the modifications and submit them to you for your approval. The final working plans will not be submitted to you until you make the final payment balance.
We can also provide you realistic 3d renderings for views of the exterior or interior and often provide 3D kitchen and bath designs for your personal tastes.

Just follow our easy design process!

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